Saturday, October 30, 2010

I've been playing around with appengine for a while and finally I've decided to publish something. My website gets deals from groupon for all cities and displays it on

Obviously its nothing much to look at right now, but hopefully I get some time to spruce it up. If you log on to the site, it prints out deals from just a few cities and not from the aforementioned all cities. Apparently I found out google has a 30 second limit on requests and since I load the json deals from groupon as a cronned servlet request, its hitting the 30 second limit. I might have to look at task queues and see if they have a solution for me.

Another, not quite obvious, stumbling point was how to set up masked domain forwarding. I bought my domain on google apps through enom and the domain forwarding part isn't as straight forward as my other domain forwarding ( from yahoo small business domains. I finally happened on to a knol which contained the required instructions with the main part in

  • Add a Host Record with @ as the Host Name, the url of the home page of your Site as the Address, and URL Frame as the Record Type
  • Change or add a CNAME of www so it points to the symbol @

If google is serious about google apps and google domains, they might look into making their services slightly more straightforward to use.

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